Friday, 14 April 2017

NYSC Senate Approved List For All Institutions — Batch A 2017!!!

NYSC Senate list for Batch A 2017 for all schools is out online and this post will show you how to check. The NYSC Senate approved list for Batch A 2017 is available on NYSC mobilization portal. All graduates of Nigerian tertiary institutions waiting for mobilization for NYSC have been waiting for this after the release of the Batch A 2017 Mobilization timetable.

If your institution is mobilizing for the 2017 A orientation programme, this concerns you. You can check the list your institution sent to NYSC. This will help you check your name on the list and verify that you have been mobilized by the institution you graduated from.

How to Check NYSC Senate Approved List For All Institutions — Batch A 2017

To check the NYSC senate approved list of mobilized graduates for all schools,
  • Go to the the Senate List or Its equivalent Checker at
  • In the first option, choose the name of your institution
  • Enter your Matriculation number in the second space
  • In the third, input your Surname
  • Next, choose your Day, Month and Year of birth, and
  • Finally, click on the search button to verify senate list and your name on it.


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