Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Nigerian Defence Academy Examination Date and Requirements — 2017/2018!!!

The Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA entrance exam date & training date for 2017/2018 (69th Regular Course) have been released. This was issued alongside the announcement of commencement of NDA admission application exercise. This is for the 2017 69th Regular Course of the academy.
Candidates who want to apply should please note that only candidates who meet the JAMB national cut- off mark will be eligible. Only those candidates would be allowed to sit for the NDA Entrance Examination at their Examination Centre of choice.

Nigerian Defence Academy Examination Date and Requirements — 2017/2018

The examination will be conducted as an Entrance Examination (similar to Post–UTME examination in conventional universities). The Nigerian Defence Academy has scheduled the exam date as Saturday, 22nd April, 2017. Therefore, all eligible candidates are to bring along the following to the NDA examination venue.
Things to take along to NDA Examination Center
All candidates would note that they are to take the following along to the Examination Centre on the set NDA examination date.
  • Acknowledgement Form (downloaded from NDA Application Portal)
  • Examination Admission Card (downloaded from NDA Application Portal)
  • JAMB 2017 Registration Slip
  • Two postcard size (3.5 x 5 inches) photographs.  Candidate’s Name, State of Origin, Course chosen, Exam centre and Examination number should be written at the back of the photographs.
  • Writing materials, including original HB pencil.
The photographs should show only from the chest upwards and should contain the candidate’s Name, Exam number, State, Exam Centre, Course of study and Signature at the back.
Only successful candidates at the NDA Entrance Examination will subsequently be invited for the Armed Forces Selection Board following which the list of admitted candidates will be published.
Nature and Duration of NDA Training for 2017/2018
Admitted candidates into NDA for the Regular Course will undergo military and academic training as Officer Cadets for a duration of 5 years. On successful completion of training, graduands will earn a honours degree in a core discipline (BSc, BEng, BA). They will equally earn a commission into the Armed Forces of Nigeria.
Regular Course cadets will train in NDA. All aspects of the cadets’ administration and logistics will be borne by the Federal Government.
NDA Entrance Exam Subject Combinations  for 69th Regular Course – 2017/2018
1.      Candidates for FASS. Candidates for FASS are to answer all questions in any THREE of the following subjects that are applicable to the candidate’s chosen course:
1) Mathematics – (Compulsory for Psychology candidates).
(2) Economics.
(3) Geography.
(4) History.
(5) Government.
(6) French.
(7) Biology – (Compulsory for Psychology candidates).
2.      Candidates for Sciences. Candidates for courses in Faculty of Science are to answer questions as follows:
1.      Mathematics (Mathematics and any 2 of Physics, Chemistry and Economics).
2.      Physics (Physics and any 2 of Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology).
3.      Chemistry (Chemistry and any 2 of Physics, Biology and Mathematics).
4.      Biology (Biology and any 2 of Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics).
3.      Candidates for Engineering. Candidates for the Faculty of Engineering are to answer ALL questions in the 3 subjects listed below:
(1) Mathematics.
(2) Physics.
(3) Chemistry.
4.      Candidates for Military Science and Interdisciplinary Studies. Candidates for Intelligence & Cyber Security Studies are to answer the following:
1.      Mathematics
2.      Physics and
3.      Anyone of Biology, Chemistry or Economics.


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