Tuesday, 21 April 2015

ABU Zaria Readjusted Academic Calendar for 2014/2015 Academic session !!!

ABU Zaria has readjusted the 2014/2015 academic calendar. It would be recalled that there was a re-adjustment in the 1st semester calendar that was published last week This is the full academic calendar that has been readjusted.

ABU Adjusted First Semester

Sunday 7th December, 2014-Resumption
Monday 8thDecember, 2014Saturday 20th December, 20142 Weeks Registration
Monday 5thJanuary, 2015Friday 13th February, 20156 Weeks of Lectures
Saturday 14th February, 2015Saturday 21th February, 2015Mid-Semester Break
Monday 23rd February, 2015Saturday 2nd May, 201510 Weeks of Lectures
Monday 4th May, 2015Saturday 16th May, 20152 Weeks Examination

***Monday 2nd February, 2015 to Monday 9th February, 2015 1 Week Add/Drop
GENS Examination for First Semester to Commence on Monday 27th April, 2015

Second Semester

Monday 1st June, 2015Saturday 18th July, 20157 Weeks Lectures
Monday 20thJuly, 2015Saturday 25th July, 2015Mid-Semester Break
Monday 27thJuly, 2015Saturday 12th September, 20157 Weeks of Lectures
Monday 14st September, 2015Saturday 26th September, 20152 Weeks Examination

***Monday 15th June, 2015 to Monday 22nd June, 2015 – 1 Week Add/Drop


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