Sunday, 7 December 2014

DELSU Undergraduate Academic Calendar For 2014/2015

DELSU official academic calendar for 2014/2015 is out. The academic calendar is the breakdown of the activities that has been scheduled to happen in the 2014/2015 session.

DELSU Academic Calendar 2014/2015

– Mon 17th Nov – Fri 6th Dec 2014-Screening/Medicals of Fresh Students Begin
– Mon 8th Dec – Fri 19th Dec 2014-CHS/All Faculties release results provisionally for 200 – 400 levels and send to BCS for consideration Registration for Stale Students Begin
– Sat 20th Dec 2014 – Sat 3rd Jan 2015 Christmas Break
– Sun 4th Jan 2015-Stale/Fresh Students return to Campus
– Mon 5th Jan 2015-Registration for Stale/Fresh Students continues Lectures for Stale/Fresh Students begin
– Wed 14th Jan – Fri 16th Jan 2015-Orientation of Fresh Students
– Wed 21st Jan 2015-Extra-Ordinary Meeting of Senate to consider all results (2013/2014)
– Sat 14th Feb 2015-Matriculation of Fresh Students
– Fri 20th Feb 2015-Registration of Stale and Fresh Students ends
– Mon 23rd Feb – Fri 6th March 2015 Late Registration of Students (Penalty fees for late registration must be paid)
– Mon 9th March 2015-Last Day for ADD and DELETE
– Fri 27th March 2015-Lecture Ends
– Mon 30th March 2015-First Semester Examinations Begin
– Fri 17th April 2015-End of First Semester Examinations
– Fri 17th April – Sat 3rd May 2015 First Semester Break
– Mon 4th May 2015-Lectures begin for Second Semester
– Tues 5th May 2015-Faculties/Colleges release results of 100 – 400-level; Agriculture, Engineering, College of Health Sciences and Law, 100 – 300 level for other programmes after BCS Consideration
– Wed 13th May 2015-Extra-Ordinary Meeting of Senate to consider 1st Semester results

-Sun 3rd May 2015-All Students return to Campus
– Mon 4th May 2015-Lectures Begin
– Fri 24th July 2015-Lectures End
– Mon 27th July 2015-Second Semester Examinations Begin
– Fri 14th Aug 2015-Second Semester Examinations End
– Sat 15th Aug – Sat 17th Oct 2015-Long Vacation (8weeks)
– Sun 18th Oct 2015- 2015/2016 Academic Session Begins as Students return to Campus
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