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LASPOTECH Resumption Date, Academic Calendar 2014/2015

LASPOTECH Resumption Date for the 2014/2015 academic session has been released in the Academic Calendars released for Part-time and Full-time programmes. Regular students (full-time) in ND1, ND II, HND I & HNDII (NON-SIWES) resumed 3rd November, 2014 while NDII SIWES students are scheduled to resume on 2nd March, 2015.

Lagos State Polytechnic Academic Calendar 2014/2015

Resumption date for Laspotech Part-time students according to the released 2014/2015 academic calendar is 3rd January, 2015. Registration for all PT students also start on this same date.
Below are the full 2014/2015 academic calendars for LASPOTECH’S Part-time and Full-Time programmes:


First Semester

Resumption3rd November, 20142nd March, 2015
Registration Period3rd – 14th Nov., 20142nd – 13th March, 2015
Lectures Commence10th Nov., 20149th March, 2015
Late Registration (With Penalty)17th – 28th Nov., 201416th – 20th March, 2015
Week of First Test15th – 19th Dec., 20146th – 10th April, 2015
Orientation Week (For HND I & ND I)22nd Dec., 2014 (Ikorodu); 23rd Dec, 2014 (Isolo)
Matriculation (For ND I & HND I)8th Jan., 2015
Week of Second Test19th – 23rd Jan., 20154th – 8th May, 2015
Lectures End30th Jan., 201522nd May, 2015
Examination Period2nd – 13th Feb., 201525th May – 3rd June, 2015
1st Semester Break13th – 27th Feb., 20158th – 22nd June, 2015
Submission of Grades to Academic Planning6th March, 201529th June, 2015
Convocation ActivitiesTo be Determined
Consideration of Results by ACB27th March, 201530th July, 2015

Second Semester

Resumption2nd March, 201522nd June, 2015
Registration Period2nd – 13th March, 201529th June- 10th July, 2015
Lectures Commence2nd March, 201529th June, 2015
Late Registration (With Penalty)16th – 20th March, 201513th – 17th July, 2015
Week of First Test6th – 10th April, 20153rd – 8th August, 2015
Week of Second Test4th – 8th May, 20156th – 10th July, 2015
Lectures End5th June, 201511th Sept, 2015
Examination Period8th – 19th June, 201514th – 25th Sept., 2015
Submission of Grades to Academic Planning29th June, 201523rd Oct., 2015
Consideration of Results by ACB30th July, 201529th Oct., 2015


First Semester

1Resumption/Registration of all Students3rd January, 2015
2Lectures Begin for all Students10th January, 2015
3Registration Ends for all Students20th January, 2015
4Late Registration of Students with Penalty24th – 25th January, 2015
5Week of First Test31st Jan – 1st Feb., 2015
6Orientation Programme for Freshers7th February, 2015
7Break (2015 Election) and Annex Examinations14th Feb.-15th March, 2015
8Matriculation Ceremony for ND 1 & HND 119th March, 2015
9Week of 2nd Test4th -5th April, 2015
10Lecture Ends for all Students19th April, 2015
11Submission of Continuous Assessment grades by lecturers to Programme Coordinator20th -24th April, 2015
12Examination begins for all Students25th April-3rd May 2015
13Conference Marking Exercise4th -15th May, 2015
14Processing of Result18th – 30th June, 2015
15Result Checking Committee1st- 5th July, 2015
16Consideration of Result by SPTS Board of School15th July, 2015
17Consideration and approval of Result by ACB.30th July, 2015

Second Semester

1Resumption/Registration of all Students23rd May, 2015
2Lectures Begin for all Students23rd May, 2015
3Registration Ends for all Students12th June, 2015
4Week of First Test18th-19th July, 2015
5Break1st -16th Aug, 2015
6Week of Second Test12th-13th Sept, 2015
7Lecture ends for all students16th August, 2015
8Submission of Continuous Assessment grades by lecturers to Programme Coordinator3rd – 4th Oct., 2015
9Examination begins for all Students17th Oct., 2015
10Examination ends for all Students8th Nov., 2015
11Conference Marking Exercise16th-27th Nov., 2015
12Submission of result to Directorate of SPTSR30th Nov-4th Dec., 2015
13Submission of result to result Checking Committee for consideration7th – 11th Dec., 2015
14Consideration of Result by SPTS Board of School17th December 2015
15Consideration and approval of Result by ACB.31st December, 2015
16Resumption for 2015/2016 Academic Session28th November, 2015
All students of Lagos State Polytechnic are advised to adhere strictly to this schedule.

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