Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Reasonings For Introducing Online Registration for NYSC Students

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) yesterday said insecurity in some states was responsible for the introduction of the online registration for prospective corps members.
It said the online format, though optional, would sanitise the system.

1. In a statement by its Director for Press and Public Relations, Mrs. Olubunmi Aderibigbe, NYSC said the initiative was “designed in the best interest of corps members”.
Debunking insinuations that the scheme was to exploit corps members, NYSC said: “The attention of the NYSC Board has been drawn to some reports, which suggest a misunderstanding of the online registration for the mobilisation of corps members and the rationale behind it. We hasten to say that the idea is not only noble but was designed in the best interest of the corps members.

2. “Given the security challenge in some states and the observed cumbersome process of collecting call-up letters in most institutions, the idea was conceived to remove impediments that make the mobilisation process a nightmare for graduates.
“For instance, in this day and age, we saw no need for a graduate to travel hundreds of kilometres with all the associated risks to collect his/her call-up letter.

3. “By registering online, the idea that any unscrupulous official could make the process of collecting the call-up letter difficult for corps member is eliminated.

4. “The online registration also renders service evasion by prospective corps members practically impossible, while those who sign the Community Development Service (CDS) attendance register through proxies will henceforth realise the futility of such fraudulent practice.

5 “The initiative will also help to facilitate proper and adequate record on relocated corps members. Notwithstanding the obvious merits of the initiative, the NYSC management has deliberately made the online registration optional for those who may choose to travel to their schools to collect their call-up letters.

6. “It is, however, noteworthy that since the commencement of this initiative, we have witnessed high level of acceptance from graduates see its benefits, some of which are: easy mobilisation for graduates; creation of a reliable platform for storage and retrieval of data for participating graduates; and removal of excruciating registration experiences in camps for both corps members and officials.”
On why it charges fees for the online registration, the NYSC said: “It is as a result of competing needs. The lean purse of the scheme cannot fund such a massive deployment of technology commensurate with the desired efficiency, accurate data and seamless operations.

7 “Therefore, in 2013, the scheme decided to key into the Federal Government’s approved national policy on Public Private Partnership (PPP) as a veritable tool for building a world-class infrastructure that would drive the process.

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