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Make money with Bulk Sms Business, to start this business not need high Cost of money to start this business is small scale business to start with.
You can get a list of bulk sms providers in Nigeria through Google search. You will need to check each of them and choose the one that suite you best and has low rate. Register with the one you have selected and after registration, fund your account with adequate balance for the sms unit you will need.
Some people did not understand this Business WHY? Because some people think is not easy to start with also people thinks that without getting computer they cannot start this business, you can start this without getting computer or huge amount of money. This Bulk Sms business so easy to start with cheap amount of money there several ways to start this Business you only need to know how to logging to Bulk Sms website also Register with them and purchase form them with low rate.


• Do you know that 1 billion SMS messages are sent by Nigerians Per Year? Now what this means is that N15 billion Naira is being shared annually between a small group of smart & average Nigerians?!

• Do you know that many Nigerians are quickly moving from phone messaging to bulk SMS messaging especially small organizations because it’s cheaper to use online bulk SMS?

• Have you heard about recent developments in the telecom industry? That more than 40bmillion Nigerians now use GSM phones and the number keeps increasing daily?

Who really needs this Bulk Sms ?

There are many categories of organizations that need Bulk SMS, these include:

Notices of meeting    
University Departments
     Wedding Announcement & Invitations
    Events and Meeting
    Birthday Announcement and Invitation

    Special Seasons Greetings

    Political Campaign and Awareness

       Corporate Bodies

         Government Establishments
     Associations and so on.

What i need to do after i know them??

You visited a Company as a Bulk SMS Client, Meaning you want to handle their Bulk SMS Work, and they accept your Proposal, You can Charge them for N5-N10 per SMS,
Note this format to GET your Money
Bulk SMS Company sells SMS for you @ the Rate of N1-N3 Each! (Depending on the amount of unit purchased)
You Charge the Company or any people who need your SMS Service for N5-N10 Each!
Then they decided to send to 50,000 Customers, and then you have to
Purchase 50,000 SMS units.
You have Automatically Make:
50,000 SMS * N5 = N250,000, Then you can now Deduct the Money you Used in
Purchasing the SMS which is 50,000 * N1 or N2 = N50,000 or N100,000.
• Question is – how do you get your own share
Of the monthly N4.2 Billion Naira?!

Some people ask this Question that how will you join the wagon of the small group of smart and average Nigerians making Money from this business
 So easy to make, Before you can make money with this service, you will need to send proposal to your targeted client informing them about your business. It is the PROPOSAL LETTERS that will determine if you will be patronized or not. So, if you do not have a compelling, mouth-watering proposal letter, that means you might lose the sms contract to another Bulksms consultant. One lovely thing about this business is the fact that you can do it during your leisure time and after getting back home from work.
 If you order for the proposal letters, all you just have to do is to edit it, put your name and your contact info, using Microsoft Word. Then take it to your target customers. By the time you drop copies of these proposal letters to all the churches, schools, businesses etc in your locality, there is no way you will not start making money from this simple and cool business.
This same proposal works for me some people testify with this proposal and i surely believe it will work for you.
For you to start this business you we need this proposal with it


I will give you my professional proposal letters that has worked for me in the past and still working for me presently for a little price of N1,000. The N1, 000 charged cannot be compared to what you will gain from my professional proposal letters. Also give you instruction you will take to start this Business
You can get all the proposal letters and for  N1,000
The #1000 must be paid into this account number:
Bank Name: Skye Bank
Account Number: 1052637870
After payment, send notification  "Bulk Sms Goldmine" , "Your Email Address", "The Name You Use To Pay Into Our Bank Account" and "The Teller Number" To Our Phone Number Or Email Address.
The package will be sent to you immediately we receive your payment notification.

Call us for other means of payment other than bank deposit.

Phone Number : 07066837463
Email Address :


  1. Very good discussion, i agree that Bulk Sms Marketing is considered quite secure and you can send thousands of messages to the targeted audience within couple of seconds. SMS marketing does not require any sort of skill or technical training and can be used easily.

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